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Federation of Aeronautics of Uzbekistan
Registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan 06.01.2017
Our goal is the development of Aeronautics and Aeronautical sports throughout the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

We made tethered climbs – 1 020

Over 8 000 people took part in the flights. Of these, children - about 500

More than 60 marriage proposals were sent on board the balloon

26 free flights were carried out over the historical places of Uzbekistan

Participated in over 180 major international and national events

The 1st Expedition "In a hot air balloon along the Silk Road"

The total number of flight hours of the Federation Pilots has exceeded 800 hours

More than 2 million Uzbek citizens saw the balloon alive

Our servises
A hot air balloon is always a bright and spectacular event. Below are all options for using balloons for any of your purposes.
Hot air balloon flight
A hot air balloon ride is an unforgettable experience, thrilling adventure. Amazing landscapes of our Motherland from a bird's eye view, a sense of freedom and unity with nature.
Marriage proposal
Asking for her hand in marriage on a hot air balloon - what could be more romantic?
Filming a love story.
Organization of events with balloons
Balloon festivals arrangement all over Uzbekistan.
Decoration of any event.
Aerial marketing или Balloon branding.
Aerial marketing
Make your brand stand out! Banner advertising and spectacular effect of balloons will make your brand recognizable and positive.
Paragliding with instructor
Experience an exciting adventure, unforgettable impressions and a the most positive vibes with Tandem paragliding.
Gift certificates
Make the dreams of your loved ones come true.
Flight program
1 person
2 persons
4 persons
Group flight
(4 people + pilot)
1 375 000 UZS
2 750 000 UZS
5 500 000 UZS
Private flight
(2 persons + pilot)
4 950 000 UZS
Marriage proposal.
(2 persons + pilot)
4 950 000 UZS
Gift Certificate
(group flight)
1 375 000 UZS
2 750 000 UZS
5 500 000 UZS
Paragliding with instructor
400 000 UZS
Registan, Samarkand
1st Expedition "In a hot air balloon along the Silk Road"
Tashkent, square of Amir Timur
Record pilaf
Your happy eyes are the best reward for us

Marriages are made in heaven

Dreams should come true! And no matter how old you are

Working moments


1st Expedition "In a hot air balloon along the Silk Road"
How is the flight going?
On the day of the flight, our representatives will meet you at the agreed place, the pilot will determine the place of launch. On the field, the escort team unfolds and assembles the balloon. The pilot of the aircraft conducts a mandatory pre-flight briefing, familiarization with safety procedures and you go on a flight. After landing, you will have a ballooning initiation ceremony.

When do flights take place?

In the warm season - 2 times a day, in the morning - with sunrise, and in the evening - 3 hours before sunset. In winter, only in the morning.

How long does the flight take?

The average flight duration is 40 to 70 minutes, but it usually takes about an hour. Together with the road, your adventure will take 3-4 hours.

How high does the ball go?

Altitude will vary throughout the flight as the pilot adjusts the speed and direction of travel using different air currents. The height depends on the wishes of passengers, but is limited by the rules in force in a particular region. The average altitude for a tourist flight is 400-500 meters.

What is the distance covered by the ball?

Depending on the wind speed, the balloon travels from 5-6 to several tens of kilometers per hour of flight. Fuel is enough for 2-3 hours.

How does the landing take place?

A sufficiently large field is selected for landing. The stronger the wind, the larger the area must be to avoid hitting obstacles. Shortly before approaching the site, the shell ceases to be heated, and the ball is reduced. Air comes out with a special valve. When landing, it is important to follow all of the pilot's pre-flight instructions - bend your knees and hold onto the handrails until the basket comes to a stop.

Can children fly?

Children are allowed on the flight from 7 years old, accompanied by an adult. The height of the child must be above 120 cm, this is due to the height of the side of the gondola.

How to dress?

Clothing should be comfortable and comfortable, a headdress is desirable. We recommend dressing according to the weather.

Is balloon flight safe?

According to statistics, the balloon is recognized as the safest means of small aircraft. We comply with safety regulations, choose weather conditions, pilots have extensive experience, and equipment - airworthiness certificates.

What should I do if my flight is canceled?

Even if the weather looks sunny and clear, the flight may be canceled. When planning a trip, our pilots use specialized sites and programs, the forecast of which often differs from the forecast on conventional sites. The main thing for us is safety and for your air adventure to take place, we will offer you a different date.

Can I cancel or reschedule my flight?

Certainly. We ask you to inform us about your desire no later than 24 hours in advance.
We will postpone the flight to the date that is convenient for you and is available with us.

What are the age and weight restrictions?

Children from 7 years old are allowed on the flight, accompanied by adults. Small children are afraid of the noise of the burner, in addition, they cannot see anything above the side of the basket, and it is against safety rules to lift and hold the child in their arms. Teenagers under 16 years old are invited to fly accompanied by at least one adult. We are glad to welcome guests of any size on board the balloon, however, if your weight is more than 100 kg, we will have to charge an additional fee for the flight. Call us and we will discuss all the details.

Can I fly the balloon myself?

No. Our pilots are highly qualified and experienced in this matter. For your own safety, it is better to entrust the direct control of the balloon to them.

What kind of fuel do balloons fill?

Propane-butane mixture.

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